Moving Supplies

Welcome to Cook Moving Systems' Carton Store. We have developed this page for you to easily browse our catalog of moving boxes and packing materials and submit a payment online. While you can certainly pick up the materials you purchase, if the boxes are too large for your vehicle we also provide delivery. Delivery is free for all orders over $150 and anyone within 30 miles of our Buffalo or Rochester locations. Please call us at (800) 824-7144 if you have any questions and to ask about exclusive call in specials!

Items Price Qty Total
1.5 ft3 Book/Record Carton 16.3/8"x12.5/8"x12.5/8"

Great for small nick-nacks, pictures and books.

$2.10 $0.00
3.1 ft3 Medium Carton 18.1/8"x16"x16"

A universal carton commonly used for small appliances and pots and pans.

$3.40 $0.00
4.5 ft3 Large Carton 18"x18"x24"

Great for clothes, lamps and lampshades.

$3.60 $0.00
6.0 ft3 Large Carton 23"x20"x23"

Designed for large light-weight items such as stuffed animals, linens and pillows.

$4.20 $0.00
Dish Pack 18"x18"x28"

This box is double corrugated meaning it's twice as thick as a normal box. Used for packing valuable, delicate items such as china, stemware and even stereo equipment or electronics.

$9.00 $0.00
Wardrobe (Full Length) 24"x21"x46"

This box comes furnished with a metal hanger bar and is used specifically for packing hanging clothes. It is great for suits and dresses and is tall enough for an evening gown. There is also often room in the bottom for loose shoes & handbags.

$11.60 $0.00
Picture/Mirror Carton Maximum 40"x4"x60"

Each Picture/Mirror Carton includes 4 sections. Simply fold and secure a section to each corner of the mirror/artwork to be packed. Use only 2 sections on small to medium size pictures or use all 4 for a larger piece.

$10.55 $0.00
Bubble Wrap 24"x10'

The bubbles on our bubble wrap are 1/2" in size, which, is great for wrapping small fragile items but also good for large breakables such as mirrors and pictures.

$7.40 $0.00
Paper Pad 48"x72"

Paper pads are constructed of several fine sheets of tissue paper sandwiched between two heavy sheets of brown postal grade paper. It's great for wrapping furniture to be stored in a basement or storage unit and is ideal for wrapping large paintings/mirrors before packing them into a...

$3.15 $0.00
News Print 36"x 25" - 25 lb bundle

Comes in a 25lb. bundle. Newsprint is the thickness and texture of newspaper only without the dirty print. Primarily used for pre-wrapping items before placing them into a box. A healthy wrapping of News Print is a great alternative to bubble wrap for packing everyday china & glassware....

$21.00 $0.00
Packing Tape 2"x 110'

Strong and durable tape perfect for sealing boxes. Simply add 2-3 strips along the seam of your box and it's ready for moving. Also great for sealing packages before mailing/shipping.

$3.00 $0.00
Home Delivery

Delivery of your materials is available if you are unable to pick them up. The fee for delivery within 30 miles of our location is $25. Delivery outside of 30 miles is also available but you need to contact us for a price. Delivery on materials purchases of more than $150 is FREE. If this is...

$25.00 $0.00