As a pet owner, you want what is best for your furry, feathered, and fish-tailed companions. When moving with pets, you might have a lot of questions about how to transport them safely or how to ease them into their new environment.

The expert movers at Cook Moving Systems is dedicated to providing a stress-free move for everyone involved, including pets! To help make moving with pets simpler, our Buffalo moving company has some useful advice.

Moving with Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats can have a lot of difficulty during every phase of the move. To help ease their stress, tryto keep them away from the action as much as possible. During packing and loading, keep them in a safe and quiet place or leave them with a friend or a recommended kennel for the day.

While moving, you might prefer to keep them in the vehicle with you in a carrier to ease their stress. Make frequent stops and ensure they have plenty of food and water. Remember the leash if you take your dog out of the carrier. Your dog might be perfectly behaved normally, but the stress of moving can lead to acting out.

After the move, take some precautions to help cats and dogs ease into a new environment: 

  • Do not remove your dog or cat from their carrier until they are inside. Even the most docile and well-trained animals can run off or become spooked by new neighbors.
  • Setup a room as soon as possible so they have a quiet retreat. This also helps your pets adjust to a new home.
  • Know that it’s normal for dogs and cats to behave badly (chewing, potty accidents, and the like) for a short time after making a large transition. Be patient and allow them to adjust, and they will likely be just fine!

Moving with Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

Moving caged animals can be simple for the most part, but there are some things to keep in mind. For starters, make sure to give your furry friends plenty of attention. It can be easy to get away from normal routine during the hassle of a move. Small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs can also suffer trauma from change or being jostled around during a move. Take special care to make sure they are transported with care in a warm, comfortable, and small carrier.

Moving with Birds

As with hamsters and guinea pigs, try to retain your bird’s routine as much as possible and transport them in a small, safe, and comfortable bird cage or carrier. Also, don’t allow your bird to sit on your shoulder or hand outside on the day of the move, no matter how well-trained they might be. Birds are known to fly off when placed in a new environment, so it’s important to give them time to adjust to the change.

Moving with Fish

Moving with fish isn’t always the best idea. They respond very strongly to stress and often do not survive the trip. If moving a short distance, you can transport fish in bags filled with their old tank water. For more information, ask your local aquarium store or veterinarian. When relocating long distances, it’s best to leave fish with friends or a relative and buy new fish after you are settled in.

Keeping your pets safe and comfortable during a move is important to make sure they are not traumatized or cause harm to others. For a Buffalo mover with raving reviews when it comes to providing excellent moving services for the whole family, go with Cook Moving Systems! Call us today to request your free moving estimate!
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