About Us

Boston beat New York in the 1912 World Series…Steak was 19 cents a lb…William Taft (R) was President...Teddy Roosevelt organized the Bull Moose party…Davey Jones summoned the Titanic. Interest rates were at 6%, but on an annual salary of $375.00 you could probably afford a $2,625.00 new home and a new $550.00 Ford to boot….and George Cook decided to establish a local moving and storage business on the West Side of Buffalo, New York.

People didn't move "long distance" in those early days, but coal, ice, pianos and the like provided the start. By 1933, when Gerald Reagan joined George J. Cook, "trucks" were an integral part of the transportation industry. Our society was becoming more mobile and our company was a part of it.

George Cook was instrumental in forming a "return load" co-op with a handful of out-of-state movers, eventually calling it United Van Service. In 1933, the van service became United Van Lines, and with George Cook, as its first president, we became a founding agent. When Gerald and Irene Reagan bought our company from the Cook estate in 1954, trucks were running coast to coast and it was time for growth, for vision to the future. Richard Reagan joined his dad in 1955 and during the next ten years, the phenomenal vision and courage of the Reagan family produced a full service, long distance moving company recognized by United Van Lines for its industry leadership and dedication to quality service. Richard Reagan became our President and CEO in 1968 and also served on the United Van Lines Board of Directors for 16 years as he presided over Cook Moving Systems, Inc.'s expansion into Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida and Rochester, New York.

Richard Reagan passed away in 1989. Today Cook Moving Systems, Inc. is owned by, Greg & Debra Fierle, Debra is Richard’s daughter. Greg also serves as President and CEO and their son Adam represents the family's fourth generation involved in the business. Cook Moving Systems, Inc. has diversified over the past two decades to include a full range of domestic and international moving, warehousing, distribution, home delivery and office & industrial transportation services. Cook's status as proud partners of the Buffalo Bills (NFL) attests to the fact that we remain focused on George Cook's commitment to community and quality.

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